Terms and Condition

Suren Hogla makes every effort to ensure that this website and all information contained in it is accurate. However,we cannot accept any liability for errors and omissions

Suren Hogla tries to ensure that everything contained in this website is virus-free. However, it is advised to virus-check everything your computer is getting or confronting including anything that you download from the internet or receive via e-mail.

Suren Hogla cannot be held responsible for any loss,disruption or damage to your computer system while using our siteor anything received from it.


All our products are warranted for five years against any manufacturing defect.Color is warranted for one year.But we are not in a position to extend this warranty for customers living beyond the city limits of Kolkata as we are not able to provide any service outside the city of Kolkata.

Inspection of product

Customers living beyond the city of Kolkata have to arrange inspection of the product before dispatch either by himself or by an authorized representative. If such inspection is not possible on the part of the buyer he is at liberty to leave the matter to us but we cannot be be held responsible for any error or omission.

Dissatisfaction and return

If you are a resident of Kolkata and unhappy with your order call us and explain the problem.If we cannot resolve the situation, return the unit to us within 30 days from delivery date and we will refund the amount paid by you after deducting the delivery expenses,if any.However,returns which have not been agreed or beyond this time period will not be accepted.

Measurements and changes

Please take great care when measuring up for your units.Please ask for outside dimension of the unit before placing your order.We start production of received orders latest within 72 hours of receipt.Changes made before start of production will be accepted with no penal charge.But once production is started,changes can be accepted if you agree to compensate the losses incurred.

Order acknowledgement and progress

On receiving your order we will immediately confirm receipt and acceptance of your order by e-mail and keep you informedabout the progress from time to time.

Order errors

If we make a mistake we will replace items free of charge.However,if you find you have made a mistake we will advise you on how to solve it to your satisfaction and quote the additional charge involved.

By Credit Card

By Cash at our showroom

By Letter of Credit

By Bank Transfer

By Cheque or Bank Draft

By Money Order


All prices on this website supersede all previous publications and prices can be revised without notice.However,you are advised to get a price quotation with validity period before placing order and making payment.


Once we have received and accepted your order it cannot normally be cancelled as we may start to manufacture the units ordered by you immediately.Unfortunately,materials already used in the manufacture of your unit are no longer economical to re-use and can only be destroyed.However,at our discretion,depending on how far advanced your order is,we may accept cancellation and refund part or all the order value.

Delivery information

Each delivery schedule is intimated to the buyer at least three days in advance.


Inspection of products before delivery is must for all buyers living outside the city of Kolkata. Buyer can do the inspection at our showroom/warehouse either by himself or through his authorized representative.If such inspection is not possible for the buyer he may authorize us to do this on his behalf without any liability on the part of Suren Hogla. However,all efforts will be made on the part of Suren Hogla to satisfy the customer but Suren Hogla cannot be held liable for any deviation.

All Suren Hogla products dispatched by Road Transport, Sea freight or Airfreight are insured for the full value against any loss or damage during transit.A copy of the insurance policy is attached with the invoice.In case of any loss or damage the buyer can get his claim from the insurance company or their nearest representative in the buyers city.  

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