About Us

Suren Hogla started his business in the year 2000 with a small factory for manufacturing gift items and knick-knacks. Later, being encouraged by the customers, started manufacturing various kind of domestic furniture. Product range include Alan(Clothing Stand),Single Bed, Double Bed, Box Bed, Storage Bed with hydraulic, Pullout Bed, Sofa-cum-bed, Dining Table, Detachable Dining Table, Folding Dining Table, Dining Chair, Sofa,Divan,Box Divan, Divan with storage, Settee, Aquarium Table, Baby Cradle, Study Table, Reading Table and Chair for kids, Book Shelf, Cast Iron Bench, Garden Chair, Open Air Furniture,CD Rack, Centre Table, Coffee Table, Side Table, Computer Table, Computer Chair, Computer Trolley, TV Table, TV Trolley, Corner Shelf, Corner Rack, Wall Shelf, Book Rack,Swing(Outdoor),Swing(Indoor),Curtain Rod, Drapery Rod, Dressing Mirror, Basin Mirror, Dressing Table, Dressing Bureau, Easy Chair, Rocking Chair, Folding Chair, Flower Pot Holder,Hanger,Key Hanger, Flower Pot Hanger, Kitchen Hooks, Kitchen Shelf, Kitchen Trolley, Magazine Holder, Microwave Oven Shelf, Microwave Oven Trolley, Toy Swing, Napkin Holder, Step Ladder, Shelf -supporting Ladder, Pot Hanger, Pedestal Lamp, Serving Trolley, Shelf Bracket, Shoe Rack, Covered Shoe Rack,Singhasan(Seat for Deity),Sofa Side Table,Stool,Towel Holder, Towel Rod, Inverter Shelf, Inverter Trolley, Tea Trolley, Wine Trolley, Multipurpose Trolley, Corner TV Table, TV Showcase, Utensil Shelf, Wall Mounted Table, Clothing Hanger, Clothing Stand, Dress Hanger, Open Wardrobe.


All Suren Hogla products are made of furniture grade mild steel. Products are fabricated with best quality materials under strict quality control. Every product is powder coated with best quality powder and toasted in heat chamber. Traditional seven-tank hot phosphate process is adopted to give smooth and durable finish of the product. Coating thickness is between 80 and 100 micron.

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